Fall has arrived and Winter is fast approaching making this the ideal time to look for signs that your roof is in need of some maintenance and apply some tips and tricks to protect it from damage in the coming months.

1. Fall Leaves in Gutters

roof gutter clean out imageFall leaves on your roof can cause all sorts of problems and will block your gutters, especially when they start decomposing. Signs – When you notice excessive leaves on your roof, it is time to remove them as quickly as possible. You may need to do this a few times during Autumn. Tip – While you are up there removing the leaves, install some gutter guards to prevent blockages and make roof gutter screens picturefuture clean-ups faster and easier. Trick – Use a leaf blower to remove the leaves quickly and efficiently rather than sweeping them off the roof.    

2. Roof Tiles Damage

Roof tiles can crack and deteriorate and it is important to check them as even one damaged tile can lead to disaster. Signs – Look for cracks in tiles as well as curling, buckling or any other wear and tear that could become problematic in the winter months.roof tile damage picture Tip – If you notice wear and tear, simply replace the tiles that are damaged. If there is extensive damage, you may want to consider replacing the entire roof. Trick – Phone an expert roof inspector if you are unsure whether some or all of your roof tiles need to be replaced.

3. Don’t Forget To Inspect The Attic

It is just as important to check the interior ceiling of your home as it is the exterior roof. leaking roof imageSigns – Look for any water damage or other signs that leaks or wear and tear may have been caused to the exterior of the roof. Tips – Take note of where the damage is noticeable on the interior and take the necessary steps to fix the problem on the exterior of the roof. Tricks – You may need to employ some additional damp proofing and insulation in your attic or to your ceiling. It is advisable to get some professional advice as to the steps that need to be taken.

4. Landscaping And Your Roof

Fall is the ideal time to prune and cutback trees and other plants in your garden to minimize the amount of leaf clean-up and prepare your garden for Spring. Signs – Trees and branches that are touching the exterior of the house or overhanging the roof and gutters should be cut back.foilage too close to roof picture Tip – Cut back a little more than you think is necessary to prevent the need to do it again in the summer months or next fall. Enjoy the extra sunlight and warmth that will enter your home. Trick – Call a tree felling company to take care of the cutting and removal of the branches and foliage. These experts will be able to assess how much trimming and pruning is necessary or whether a tree needs to be entirely removed.

If you are ever in doubt about the signs, tips and tricks to maintain your roof, call a roofing expert.

Whenever you are on a ladder or on top of your roof inspecting for damage, keep safety first and foremost.

Always use fall protection and tie offs. Let someone know where and what you will be doing in case of an accident. Fall hazards and serious injury can happen from a height as low as 3 feet. Let’s be careful out there!