Project Description

Client:   Apartment Complex Location:   Bryan TX Year Completed: 2016 Value: $43,000 Surface Area: 115,000 ft2 Project Manager:  Bruce Grandchamp Apartment complex needed a complete roof replacement on all their buildings. After bidding the job and showing past roofing project accomplishments, Grandchamp Roofing was awarded the job.

The Challenges

Time was of the essence on this project to minimize the impact to the residents of the apartment complex. Traffic had to be managed to keep access for tenants open. Trash had to be immediately cleaned up to keep nails and other hazards out of the way.

Problems Solved

Extra manpower was brought in to handle traffic flow and not a single complaint was registered. Tenants concerns were first and foremost in our project planning and by adding a way for them to communicate easily with us, we were able to meet each one and resolve them before they came up. Additional trucks and manpower were used to handle trash pickup and sweeps to minimize any impact on the tenants
apartment roof replacement projec