Project Description

Client:   Old Oaks Condos Location:   Bryan TX Year Completed: 2018 Value: greater than $50,000 Surface Area: 37,000 ft2 Project Manager:  Bruce Grandchamp The Old Oaks Condos in Bryan gets a facelift (and a new roof!). After reviewing bids from several roofing companies, Grandchamp Roofing was awarded the project after careful reviews of each business past history and reputation. We are known for our quality work and rock solid guarantees in the Brazos Valley and take pride in providing a quality roof for our clients! Thank you to the Old Oaks Condos management for giving us the opportunity to show off our passion and pride in providing your residents a new roof that should last a lifetime.

The Roofing Challenges

Quality is always a priority and it can be tempting to take shortcuts when under time constraints and budget limits. Maintaining quality controls has to be taken into consideration before the project even starts. We laid out our inspection points to fit in with our work details on this roofing project and were able to meet each one. Keeping residents inconvenience factors low as possible is always a challenge on a multi unit dwelling but we strive to have zero complaints and were successful once again.

Problems Solved On Roofing Job

Quality controls detailed out before roofing project started. Maintaining safety as job number 1 on all our roofing jobs. Minimizing tenants interference and keep roofing noise and debris to a minimum.
Old Oaks Condos in Bryan TX New Roof