Project Description

Client:   Woodbrook Condos Location:   College Station, Tx Year Completed: 2018 Value: $54,000 Surface Area: 98,000 ft2 Project manager:  Bruce Grandchamp Another outstanding quality job on an apartment complex by Grandchamp Roofing here in College Station. We were awarded the project after bids from several local and state companies were submitted based on our company reputation and reviews from past jobs. This project came in on time and under budget despite the extreme heat we’ve had this Texas summer.

The Challenges

Maintaining crew safety in the middle of the Texas summer heat is imperative and something that can’t be taken for granted. Heat stress and heat stroke are real danger factors, especially when working on top of roofs. We take pride in keeping our crews happy and safe with frequent breaks in shade and plenty of hydration. Another factor on this job was maintaining our customers access in and out of the apartment complex while the roofing work went on. Assigning duties for traffic control is a critical aspect that can’t be overlooked.

Problems Solved On Roofing Project

Maintaining crew safety in the hot Texas heat. Keeping ease of access for apartment tenants while roofing work going on. Detailed clean up and extra walk thru’s with magnets and sweepers to make sure no nails or debris left behind.
Bryan and College Station roofing company