Project Description

Client:   Homeowner Location:   Marquez, Texas Year Completed: 2016 Value: $6,500 Surface Area: 2,000 ft2 Homeowner in Marquez, TX needed his roof replaced after a storm had damaged some parts of it and there were shingles missing. The roof was at the end of it’s normal life as well and the shingles were extremely brittle. After getting other competing bids, the owner called Grandchamp roofing up and scheduled the job with us.

The Challenges

The main challenge on this job was that it was in a very rural location. Getting the crew and supplies to the job site was an hour drive. The other issue was the homeowner wanted the job complete in one day. Hauling trash and old shingles off was an additional challenge as there wasn’t anywhere around to dispose of waste material.

Problems Solved

Due to prior planning and scheduling, we were able to get supplies there a day ahead of time. With a willing and happy crew, it doesn’t take extra persuasion to get them to drive an extra hour to the job site. We have the best roofing professionals in the state! Logistics can wreck a job fast. Being able to overcome obstacles, like where to take the trash and refuse when way out in the country, can mean the difference between failure and success.
Marquez TX house three tab roof replacement closeup