Project Description

Client:   Every Customer Location:   Brazos Valley Years Using Methods: From Inception Some of the things that separate us from the pack are our use of the latest in roofing technologies and methods. We are constantly looking for ways to do things better. Average is not good enough for us and we will never settle for less than the absolute best for our customers. We monitor and research latest trends and technologies that will make our roofs last longer, look better and weather any storm mother nature may throw at them. For instance, we do NOT use powered tools or equipment to drive nails in tar paper or shingles. Automated nail guns are almost impossible to set correctly for each roofing situation and can easily drive the nail too deep tearing the shingle and tar paper, causing premature failure of your roof. We hammer each nail in by hand. Our roofing professionals are highly skilled and know how to install a roof correctly so it will last well beyond the life of the shingles! Other things that we do that our competitors don’t is use synthetic tar paper. You can see by the picture on the left what happens to old, non-synthetic tar paper in the hot Texas sun. We go an additional step and put roofing cement in all shingle valleys. Just another one of many quality safeguards we take that others don’t to give you the best roof in the industry!

The Challenges

We run into a lot of shady work by other roofing companies and we are often times called in to make repairs. Keeping up with the latest technologies and roofing methods takes time and patience. Installing roofs the correct way, without powered nail guns, takes extra time and money

Problems Solved

We never skimp on quality. If it takes extra time and money, we will do whatever it takes to make sure your new roof is done the right way, the first time We only hire the most professional and skilled roofers. Installing a roof takes knowledge and know-how. Our apprentice program makes sure our young roofers know the job and get on the path to be certified. Using only the latest technology and material makes sure our roofs last longer and look better than our competitors
cement in roof valleys image