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Roof Replacement Service Overview

Whether it is replacing your old roof or a brand new roof installation, Grandchamp Roofing is your perfect choice.

The basic process of replacing a roof or installing a new roof do not change from house to house. There are many variables; from shingle composition, ridge vents, decking, flashing, etc. but the overall process doesn’t change from house to house. The process involves

  • Removing existing shingles and disposing of them.
  • Inspection of the underlying decking and make repairs if needed
  • Lay down asphalt paper
  • Apply the shingles – starting at the eaves and working up towards the top.
  • Apply/inspect flashing around all areas where leaks might come into the house
  • Installing the ridge vent

Other things to be aware of are types of material used by the contractor, such as synthetic tar paper instead of traditional that will hold up to the Texas heat better, etc. Always check and know what kind of warranty is offered by the roofing contractor. Is it for material only? What is the labor warranty, if the contractor even offers one?

Why We Are Your Best Roofing Contractor Choice

At Grandchamp Roofing, we our proud of our certifications and best in class warranties we provide. Ask us what separates us from the competition. We can help you make sure all your contractor bids are compared equally.

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